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How long will it take to spray the truck?

The time in which it will take to spray the truck bed depends on the size of the pickup box, if the application needs to be over or under the rail and also on any extra accessories in the bed, like fifth wheel and connectors. Generally we can do the job in one day.

How hard is it to take out?

Rhino Linings polyurethane adheres very good to the truck bed and is very tough take it out. You would have to practically grind it out in order to do something different. We can assure you that you will not regret having this liner and will not want to replace it.

If there has been a damage to the truck bed, can you fix the liner as well?

The answer is yes, we can. After the bed is fixed we can blend the new material with the old one and give the bed a fresh look.

What are main benefits of a Rhino Linings bed liner?

Here is a list of the main benefits:

· Fully covers wood, metal or fiberglass surfaces
· Forms an airtight and watertight seal
· Will not crack, split, tear or warp like rubber mats or wood floors
· Environmentally-friendly and not readily combustible.
· Protects the applied area from the corrosive effects of harsh weather; salt and rust
· Forms a cushioned, non-skid surface for better footing and keeping things where they were placed
· Maintenance-free, easy-to-clean; no more waxing, sanding, repainting or tightening of screws

How thick can you apply the Rhino Linings?

In truck beds, TUFF STUFF® polyurethane is sprayed on up to 1/4" thick on the floor and 1/8" on walls. For other applications, the lining can be sprayed on as thick as needed.

Will the lining hold up in rugged conditions and temperature extremes?

Yes! Rhino Linings will not warp, crack, peel or split because of weather or other environmental factors. Rhino Linings works and looks great in temperatures between -40 degrees F and 175 degrees F.

How do I clean it?

You can use car soap and a brush to get out greasy spots and other dirt. If you have a power washer, go over the soaped area. Usually taking your truck through a carwash will take care of keeping the whole vehicle clean, including the liner.

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