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Since Rhino Linings introduced the sprayed-on bed liner, imitators, imposters, and wannabes have offered to “Rhino” your truck bed. But a real Rhino Linings bed liner just can’t be duplicated. Your truck hasn’t really been Rhino’d unless it says Rhino Linings. Rhino’s thick polyurethane forms an airtight, watertight bond, preventing rust and corrosion. It shrugs off impact and abrasion and grips your cargo to keep it from shifting. It never cracks, warps or peels. And it’s even environmentally friendly and solvent free. In fact, the only thing that can equal a Rhino Linings truck bed liner is another Rhino Linings truck bed liner. And the only way to get a real one is through a Rhino Linings dealer.